To participate in Tweeting Colors, simply post a tweet containing the following three elements:

  • #tweetcolors (This is a tag acting as a filter. This is a new tag as of March 29, 2010, replacing #afd.)
  • a color name from the HTML color chart below. It is not case-sensitive, so you can use all caps or all lowercase.
  • a number between 1 and 20, inclusive. This determines the width of the vertical band of color you're creating.

Be sure not place any of these elements directly up against any other characters, including punctuation. Your qualifying tweet should show up in the Color Feed within a minute. Examples of acceptable tweets:   #tweetcolors DARKRED 4  or  deeppink 18 #tweetcolors  or  you can simply work these tags into a normal post: Cleaning out the blue garage today #tweetcolors 8

NOTE: Your tweets must appear as part of the public timeline. If you protect your tweets, they are not searchable and will not show up in Tweeting Colors.

AliceBlue AntiqueWhite Aqua Aquamarine Azure Beige Bisque
Black BlanchedAlmond Blue BlueViolet Brown BurlyWood CadetBlue
Chartreuse Chocolate Coral CornflowerBlue Cornsilk Crimson Cyan
DarkBlue DarkCyan DarkGoldenRod DarkGray DarkGreen DarkKhaki DarkMagenta
DarkOliveGreen DarkOrange DarkOrchid DarkRed DarkSalmon DarkSeaGreen DarkSlateBlue
DarkSlateGray DarkTurquoise DarkViolet DeepPink DeepSkyBlue DimGray DodgerBlue
FireBrick FloralWhite ForestGreen Fuchsia Gainsboro GhostWhite Gold
GoldenRod Gray Green GreenYellow HoneyDew HotPink IndianRed
Indigo Ivory Khaki Lavender LavenderBlush LawnGreen LemonChiffon
LightBlue LightCoral LightCyan LightGoldenRodYellow LightGray LightGreen LightPink
LightSalmon LightSeaGreen LightSkyBlue LightSlateGray LightSteelBlue LightYellow Lime
LimeGreen Linen Magenta Maroon MediumAquaMarine MediumBlue MediumOrchid
MediumPurple MediumSeaGreen MediumSlateBlue MediumSpringGreen MediumTurquoise MediumVioletRed MidnightBlue
MintCream MistyRose Moccasin NavajoWhite Navy OldLace Olive
OliveDrab Orange OrangeRed Orchid PaleGoldenRod PaleGreen PaleTurquoise
PaleVioletRed PapayaWhip PeachPuff Peru Pink Plum PowderBlue
Purple Red RosyBrown RoyalBlue SaddleBrown Salmon SandyBrown
SeaGreen SeaShell Sienna Silver SkyBlue SlateBlue SlateGray
Snow SpringGreen SteelBlue Tan Teal Thistle Tomato
Turquoise Violet Wheat White WhiteSmoke Yellow Yellowgreen